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windacre vineyardWindacre Vineyard

Peter and Diana Merriam purchased the Windacre Vineyard in 2000 and began crafting French-style wines immediately. Located on Limerick Lane and originally planted in the late 19th century/1890, it is one of the oldest vineyard sites in Sonoma County. However, it wasn’t until the 1980’s when the unique qualities of the land were considered for Bordeaux-style varietals by the growers and planted merlot. Situated in the warmest corner of the Russian River Valley appellation, where neighboring wineries are world-renowned for Zinfandel, Syrah, petite Syrah, and other sturdy red wine varietals, the climate within Windacre Vineyard is not unlike the Bordeaux region of France and thus well suited to grow such traditional grapes. Although much has changed since the land was first farmed we maintain the best standards and practices while growing our fruit. From the beginning, Merriam Vineyards have been committed to sustainable farming practices and environmental stewardship; which means minimal intervention to the natural growing process while allowing vines to thrive.

Los Amigos VineyardLos Amigos Vineyard

Merriam Vineyards celebrated spring 2009 with the planting of four acres of Pinot Noir and two acres of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon on the twelve-acre estate Los Amigos Vineyard. The soil composition and cooler climate are perfectly suited for such Burgundian-style varietals to thrive, allowing Peter and Diana to produce some of their most beloved wines. As Pinot Noir is Peter’s passion and Sauvignon Blanc Diana’s favorite, these estate plantings will serve as a constant reminder to their dream come true- to produce world class wines in their own vineyards and winery.

With this recently planted land Merriam Vineyards have been able to implement some new technologies that will help them break away from the average grower while still producing quality fruit and wine. The Los Amigos Vineyard has been organically farmed since its inception, a commitment that has been validated by the CCOF, California Certified Organic Farmers, and serves as a testament to the additional work and effort required to deliver high quality products. One of the most notable features of this commitment are the constructed wetlands and water reclamation pond which function as a filtration and storage system for the property’s irrigation in recycling 100% of the winery’s waste water.