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Winemaker Jonathan - Merriam VineyardsJonathan Bomberg, Winemaker

Jonathan first became interested in wine as a science while going to school in his home state of Wisconsin. Organic chemistry and microbiology being his favorite subjects, he found their manifestation in winemaking. After transferring to the University of California-Davis, he discovered the art and philosophy that coexisted in winemaking.

Without skipping a beat, Jonathan applied to various wineries around Davis and Sacramento during his first few months preceding his move to California (before even knowing if he had been accepted to Davis) and got the opportunity to work under Matt Cline and his old vine Zinfandels.  In the early spring of 2014, Jonathan graduated from the Viticulture and Enology program at UC-Davis and then took a viticultural position at Merryvale and Starmont in Napa Valley after realizing that most of his “real-world” experience was in the lab and cellar.

Since these early internships, Jonathan has been moving his way up, gaining valuable experience from an array of producers (like Ryan Zepaltas and Drew Huffine) and exceeding all expectations as he started his own wine consultations and projects in his free time. Jonathan started as Merriam Vineyard’s winemaker at the end of the 2016 after knowing the brand and Peter for over a year. With his combination of vineyard and cellar experience on top of the scientific background, his position as winemaker provides a very promising opportunity for Merriam Vineyard to expand on its already high quality.

peter merriamIn the rare situations that wine is not involved, Jonathan spends most of his time reading novels, studying philosophy (from Aristotle to Averroes) and enjoying the arts. In literature he prefers Victor Hugo, in music he prefers Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, in film he prefers Akira Kurosawa, and in the visual arts he prefers Titian (also known as Tiziano Vecelli).