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Nestled in the warmest edge of the Russian River Valley, Merriam Vineyards invite guests to cross cultures while tasting our California-crafted French-style wines in our beautifully appointed tasting room. Designed with the comfort and warmth of a New England-style farmhouse, our winery and tasting room blend the east and west while residing at the hub of three major California appellations; the Russian River, Dry Creek, and Alexander Valleys. Come and enjoy Merriam Vineyards wine on our garden terrace overlooking the magnificent valley and Healdsburg’s wine country.

Peter Merriam Peter Merriam, Proprietor

Peter Merriam brings his love for living on the edge and finely tuned sense of focus to his vineyards and winery, with passions that span from the extreme in adrenaline to the extreme in patience. An avid skier, Peter enjoys finding deep untracked powder and has even taken helicopter trips to access the goods. In the most extreme example of Peter’s passion for the edge, he dropped 12,000 feet on Alaska’s Chugach Mountain Range. At the other extreme, Peter is an accomplished fly fisherman, participating in an ancient method based on quiet patience and focus. “I focus on the details at a very slow speed,” says Peter. Now, as a vintner, Peter finds that the discipline, determination, and singular focus that he has developed through skiing and fishing are the same skills that serve him well in the vineyard. Working in the vineyards is another expression of Peter’s love for nature. A natural conservationist, Peter has always been an outdoor person. It was the beauty of Sonoma County that compelled him to plant vineyards and build a winery in the Russian River Valley.

Diana and Peter Merriam Diana Merriam, Proprietor

Raised in a New England home where food was not only the focus of the kitchen, but also the means of the family’s livelihood, Diana Merriam was transformed when she was introduced to the intricacies of food and wine during her honeymoon in France. It was there that Diana’s natural spirit of warmth and hospitality found new inspiration. The creative force behind the Merriam Vineyards Tasting Room, Diana’s hope is that guests will leave Merriam Vineyard’s with feelings of generosity and abundance, reminiscent of her visits to the heart of France. Diana is a natural cook, and her kitchen is where her family thrives. She is faithful to her local farm stands, shopping nine months of the year at one of the six stands around her home. She also cultivates a garden every summer at their home in Maine, where she harvests a variety of vegetables.


William Weese, Winemaker William Weese, Winemaker

I'm William Weese, a Sonoma County Native who has been in the industry for many years exploring the regions here in California along with Chile, France and New Zealand. I wanted to encompass both old and new world styles in creating an identity of my own as a winemaker. As a winemaker, I feel responsible to try and put all these hidden beauties inside a bottle, To pay tribute to the land that the vines call home. Not to take away any of it but to enhance each nuance, so that everyone can enjoy, what I get to experience while creating each and every wine. Beyond that, it’s about the hidden beauty that is discovered in opening each bottle of wine. The sound a cork makes with the anticipation to see what lies inside. I love when others enjoy my wine and experience the hidden beauty for themselves. Whether with an old friend or family during the holidays. Or maybe just sitting down on the couch and taking a deep breath to calm down from the crazy busy life that we live.

Alison Michnevich Alison Michnevich, Hospitality Manager

A native to Sonoma County, Alison has been surrounded by the 'wine life' for as long as she can remember. At 27, she decided to leave her teaching career and follow her passion for wine and food.  Her love of the industry and dedication to exceptional wine experiences has been a perfect fit and balance for her love of hospitality and people. It was the perfect opportunity for her to fulfill her passions of entertaining guests and enjoying the fabulous Sonoma County Wine Country. When Alison is not sipping Chardonnay and thinking of new ways to make our members and guests feel at home, she enjoys exploring all that Sonoma County has to offer, traveling, and spending time with her friends, husband, three sons, and golden retriever.

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